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Contactless Visa® Debit card

Check out is as easy as Tap. Pay. Done.

Our new Contactless Visa® Debit Card makes paying at checkout fast and secure. Just tap to pay wherever you see a contactless symbol. No need to swipe or insert your card. And because it uses chip encryption technology, it’s secure.

Fast. Pay in seconds where you see this Contactless Symbol. Contactless payment symbol

Easy. A simple tap on the contactless-terminal is all it takes.

Secure. Enjoy the same dynamic security as chip cards. 

Flexible. Continue to insert or swipe your card at merchants that don't offer contactless technology. 

Debit Card Highlights

  • Access to millions of locations and ATMs across the county
  • ATM Banking - Customize your ATM experience by setting your personal preferences at the ATM 
  • Built-in 24-hour fraud protection
  • Card Center - Control all aspects of your Fulton Bank debit card experience.

    • See and understand all your debit card spending, today and for a rolling 12 months.
    • See and get information on merchant locations where you have used your debit card.
    • Add your debit card easily and automatically to your digital wallet through Online Banking or in the Fulton Bank Mobile Banking app to make payments using Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, or Google Pay
    • Use Debit Card Controls & Alerts feature within Debit Card Center to block new purchases, make ATM withdrawals and transfers instantly, freeze both online and in-person use of your card, set spending limits, and customize alerts about activity on your debit card.
    • Get your debit card information virtually when shopping online & your card is not handy.
    • Notify Fulton of upcoming travel plans, online.
    • Activate new Fulton Bank debit cards.
    • Report your debit card as lost or stolen.
    • Update your debit card PIN. 
  • Digital Wallet -Add your debit card easily and automatically to your digital wallet through Online Banking or in the Fulton Bank Mobile Banking app to make payments using Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® , or Google Pay
  • Visa Purchase Alerts - Monitor your spending, stay on top of account balances and keep accounts secure with alerts sent straight to your mobile device
  • Visa Click to Pay - A simple and free way to speed through online checkout when using your Fulton Bank debit card online
  • Visa Account Updater - Worry less about updating recurring payments when your card is lost, reissued, or compromised
  • Debit Card Rewards - Get access to your rewards balances right from within Online Banking or on your Mobile device

A debit card that's also surprisingly rewarding.

When you have our Contactless Visa® Debit Card you're automatically enrolled in our rewards program.

  • Earn points anywhere Contactless Visa® or Visa® Debit Cards are accepted. Use it for everyday purchases and earn 1 point for every $4 spent when you select "Credit" or "Visa Debit" at checkout1
  • Receive bonus points when you open new banking accounts and services

Better Together

Debit Rewards + Credit Rewards = more for you

You can combine your debit and credit card rewards to maximize your points.

Get more details

View our printer-friendly product information sheet to learn more about our Contactless Visa Debit Card.



Arrow Expand Answer When will a contactless card replace my current debit card?
We'll be issuing contactless debit cards over the next 12 months. Look for your new card in the mail. 
Arrow Expand Answer How can I earn Reward Points?

With an eligible checking account, your debit card is automatically enrolled in our Debit Card Rewards Program. 

  • Debit Card Reward Points: Select Visa Debit or credit when shopping in store
  • Credit Card Reward Points: Use your Visa® Bonus Rewards Credit Card for any purchase of $4 or more
Arrow Expand Answer Do you offer Apple Pay®, Android™ Pay, or Samsung Pay®?
Yes, you can add your Fulton Bank debit card to Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay to pay without swiping your card or entering payment or contact information when buying online.